Even Steven Odds!


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The first player to win 10 challenges wins this fast-paced, dice-rolling race.
Includes 24 dice, 40 2-level challenge cards, 4 dice holders, and game guide.
For 2 to 4 players.
Ages 7 to Adult.

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Win 10 rounds first to win this fast-paced, dice-rolling race!
Flip a challenge card, race to roll the numbers that complete the challenge, and grab Steven first to win a round.
A wicked-fun way to develop addition and subtraction skills and foster quick thinking!
Includes 24 dice, 40 two-level challenge cards, and 4 dice holders.
Features 2 levels of challenges – easy and difficult – for players of all abilities.
Fast-paced engaging math game for kids and adults
Perfect for parties
Improves matching skills
Develops addition and subtraction skills; fosters quick thinking